At Tenuta di Poggiolame

Other exciting locations

At Arte Umbria we are thrilled to be offering some new venues and courses with our favourite artists across Europe and other locations with our sister site Painting in Europe.

For for 2019 we are offering Venice, Granada, France and India and it's Jungle. For 2020 we will be offering India, the Danube and Budapest, Japan and Vietnam. FULLY ESCORTED ALL THE WAY! WOW!

Contact us now if you are interested in Canada, the Arctic - with Polar Bears and the Northern Lights with Liz Chaderton!

Our talented and creative tutors help you to explore your painting passion, elevate your techniques at the same time as allowing the atmosphere of these locations to pervade your soul.

Enjoy your painting and take advantage of sightseeing in these wonderful locations.

These courses offer a luxury holiday for painters and non painting partners. You are escorted all the way by your hosts and guides in different locations. We will be on hand to help and assist you during your stay. Non-participating partners welcomed at a large discount.

 Painting in Europe 

Dip into some spectacular painting courses with our talented and creative tutors.

Jump in and out of painting, or you can take advantage of sightseeing, these art courses offer a luxury holiday for painters and non painting partners.

Indulge your senses in some spectacular painting courses and locations.

Venice with Colin Joyce

Normandy France with Claudia Tulifero

India, the Jungle and Himalayas with Belinda Biggs.

Wildlife in the Indian Jungle with Liz Chaderton

Suffolk England with Jamie Sugg.

Granada with Paul O'Kane - details coming shortly.