Sue Moorcroft will be at Arte Umbria running a creative writing course in 2016Sue Moorcroft

For 2017, we are delighted that Sue is returning on 28 June for a week of Creative Writing. Always popular!

This tutored course is £1085 FULLY INCLUSIVE of all tuition, complimentary accommodation, food and wine and all refreshments for the week, a trip out and a local restaurant visit. 


NEW FOR 2018 

Given the popularity of Sue's courses, she is going to be running 2 Writing retreats with us next year on 27 June and 4th July 2018. Price is £750.

Amazing that 2018 will be the sixth year Sue has run her very successful courses and retreats with us. As she is so busy with her own writing for 2018 she has decided to just offer retreats for next year. Always popular don't hesitate to contact us to book a place, we are taking bookings already for next year! 

Arte Umbria is the perfect spot for a retreat. 'Getting away from it all' couldn't be easier in a 220-acre private estate, whether you prefer terrace, pool area, gardens or your own private double room. Leave behind the chores of your day job and join us for our very first writers' retreat.

Enjoy the company of other writers and share their creative energy, when you're not making the most of your precious private writing time in the most glorious of surroundings. Sue Moorcroft, our creative writing tutor, will be here to run group feedback sessions for those who wish them, once a day.

We have wifi available at different times of the day for very limited research (or if you really must keep in touch with people at home!), and you just need to bring your laptop, tablet or pad and pen. Leave behind the cooking and the gardening, take time off from your commute. It's peaceful and quiet here and our hospitality is generous. Let us look after you while you write.


Award-winning author Sue Moorcroft's last book, The Christmas Promise, was a runaway best-seller, reaching #1 in the Kindle chart. That and Just for the Holidays (to be published 18 May 2017)are contracted to publishing giants HarperCollins.


Her novels The Wedding Proposal, Dream a Little Dream and Is this Love? were all nominated for Readers’ Best Romantic Read Awards. Love & Freedom won the Best Romantic Read Award 2011 and Dream a Little Dream was nominated for a RoNA in 2013. 


Sue’s a Katie Fforde Bursary Award winner, a past vice chair of the RNA and editor of its two anthologies. She also writes short stories, serials, articles, and writing ‘how to’, and, for many years, wrote two columns each month for Writers’ Forum, where she was head judge of their fiction competition.


As a creative writing tutor, Sue has worked for the London School of Journalism, University of Leicester, Writers’ News Home Study, Adult Education Northants, Writers’ Holiday Caerleon, WriteStars, Writing School Nottingham, Writing School Leicester, Swanwick Summer School and many libraries and writing groups. She wrote two of the London School of Journalism’s distance-learning courses and an online course for DigitalSea.


Weaving together her career threads, she’s the author of a writing ‘how-to’ book, Love Writing.


Born in Germany and moving on to Cyprus, Malta and the United Kingdom, Sue has never lost a love of travel. She’s managed to wriggle out of all proper jobs in order to write. She likes to read, walk, learn the piano, practice yoga, FitStep and Zumba and watch Formula 1. (Not simultaneously.)


Sue’s latest book: The Christmas Promise

Just for the Holidays published 18 May 2017



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Sue's course itinerary

How to Write Great Fiction with Sue Moorcroft

Whether you’re writing a novel, novella, short story or serial, Sue will help you focus on your story telling and writing techniques. Interesting and interactive workshops, tutorials, tutor review, peer review, private writing time and one-to-ones make for a varied and stimulating week.


Sue’s experienced in tailoring the course around its participants, meeting individual as well as group needs, encouraging you to flex your writing muscles and also learn something about the world of publishing and where you might fit into it. 


An idea of subjects that might be covered:

  • premise
  • planning
  • plotting
  • story arc
  • conflicts
  • goals
  • your cast list
  • characterisation
  • getting characters together on the page
  • motivation
  • dialogue
  • viewpoint
  • flashbacks
  • imagery
  • vivid verbs
  • settings
  • manipulating character and reader emotion
  • propping up a saggy middle
  • resolutions and endings
  • audience and markets
  • how to pitch to traditional publishers and agents: manuscript preparation, synopsis and covering letter
  • self-publishing
  • promotion and social media


But Sue will react to what it is you need from the week.


The course can also be used as a guided retreat. 

Do you want to prioritise private writing and move your work-in-progress forward? Then come to enjoy the company of writers, dip in and out of sessions as you wish, enjoy the benefit of analysing your work with an experienced tutor and appraiser. There are a multitude of inspirational and beautiful places to write around the house and grounds.


Biography and autobiography

The course is also suitable for those writing biography and autobiography, as Biography and fiction share many writing techniques. Sue created the Personal History Course for the London School of Journalism and has the experience to work with you. 


Before the course

You’ll be invited to send Sue a few pages of your work to give her the flavour of your writing and an idea of where you’re heading.


What you’ll need

Yourself, your imagination and your favourite writing device, whether that’s pen and paper, laptop or tablet.


Painting Holidays in Italy

BOOKING NOW FOR 2017 & 2018

Inspirational painting, drawing, stone carving/sculpture, stained glass, print making and creative writing courses in Europe and other exotic locations in 2017 & 2018, visit Italy, Spain, Venice, Prague, Morocco, Bruges, India and the Himalayas.

  • Master Classes and Painting Classes in Italy with Grahame Booth, Kelly Medford, Caroline Bays, Adele Wagstaff, Tim Wilmot, Paul Alcock, Belinda Biggs, Liz Chaderton, Roger Dellar, Paul O'Kane & Neal Winfield
  • Creative Writing course with Sue Moorcroft.
  • Stone Carving courses with Simon Keeley.
  • Workshop in Illuminated Manuscripts and Miniatures, with Claudia Tulifero.
  • Stained Glass course, with Neal Winfield.
  • Price includes tuition, art materials (if the course is at our home in Umbria), complimentary accommodation, food, wine and refreshments.

All inclusive from £985

BOOKING NOW For 2017 & 2018!

See our sister site Painting in Europe and other exotic locations with Arte Umbria.

  • Painting in Venice. Masterclass in Watercolour with Tim Wilmot.
  • Painting in Bruges. Painting and Art History with Adele Wagstaff.
  • Prague at Christmas. Masterclass in Watercolour with Kelly Medford.
  • Painting in India, with Grahame Booth.
  • Painting in Marrakesh, with Kelly Medford.
  • Painting in Granada, with Grahame Booth.
  • Painting in Barcelona, with Paul Alcock.
  • Painting in the Himalayas, with Belinda Biggs.
  • Painting in India, with Roger Dellar.



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